Digital marketing services

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Digital marketing services

Get the marketing and digital support you need with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, Website Optimisation, Social Media Advertising, Email Campaigns, and more.

Generate Leads Online

Whatever your business does, your customers are sure to interact with you online in some way. I help you envision what this looks like, and build a plan to provide the very best experience to acquire and retain customers.

Build Your Digital Marketing Assets

Maybe you need to set up from scratch, or need to sort out your existing activity. I help you strategise, prioritise, and optimise your marketing activity across paid and non-paid channels.

As-needed Marketing Management

Businesses often don’t have the resources to manage marketing, and don’t have budgets to hire marketing teams. I fill these gaps by providing as-needed support across the marketing spectrum, when you need it.

Marketing & Digital Services

Marketing strategy

Develop Your Marketing & Digital Strategy

Digital marketing is difficult if you’re doing it on your own. You don’t know what you need, you don’t know where to look, you don’t how much you should be paying, and you don’t know what results you should expect.

Maybe you’re just getting started, or you’ve been in business for a while, but you know sorting out your marketing and online presence is critical for your business. The time and energy needed to deal with the complexity of this means that this often ends up in the ‘too hard’ basket (and stays there).

With my blend of marketing and digital skills, I simplify marketing and help develop your strategy and opportunities for digital to drive growth in your business. I work with you to develop your vision, and then create the steps needed to achieve it.

Improve Lead Generation

The purpose of marketing is to deliver leads to your business. It really is that simple.

Those leads may be to purchase a product, make a sales enquiry, or just to sign up for a newsletter. Whatever you want to achieve in your business, I bring a clear focus to how marketing and digital tools can deliver those results.

I help to develop your customer journey, and then choose the digital tools that will facilitate that journey and convert browsers into buyers. Whether this means sorting out your website, getting ranked on Google, running online ads, or whatever else, I will guide you through this to deliver the best possible leads.

Marketing strategy
Marketing management

Manage Your Marketing

Maybe you already have some marketing activities on the go – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and maybe a newsletter or two. But whenever you receive invoices from these platforms you’re left wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

An outsourced Marketing Manager can bring much needed skills into your business, without the headaches and risk that comes with hiring full-time staff or trying to do it yourself.

I proactively manage marketing channels for clients and keep them informed about performance and new opportunities. I have the technical skills to ensure your existing marketing activities are as optimised as they can be, and I will drive your marketing strategy to continuously improve your lead generation.

Measure What Matters

Don’t know your CPC from you CTR? Confused by your CTA not producing MQL?

Business is about numbers and how well you manage them. I take the guesswork out of your customer acquisition by connecting marketing activities with the numbers that matter most in your business.

Marketing metrics


Jargon-free reporting that’s easy to understand. 


Find new lead generation opportunities within data.

No more guessing

Know what results your marketing spend is producing.  

Control Costs

Invest in activities that produce the best revenue outcomes.

About Me

I’m a marketer with a strong generalist background, and a specific interest in digital.

Having spent over a decade in Marketing Manager positions working alongside executive teams, I’ve learned a few things about developing marketing strategies and bringing them to life. This has involved leading large marketing departments with budgets over $1m and managing marketing campaigns at a global scale. You can learn more on my LinkedIn profile.

While I’ve done the big stuff, I’m also a small business owner. Along with my partner, I own and manage Nail Garden in Auckland. I understand the pressures on small businesses owners, and what it takes to plant the seeds that grow your empire.

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Digital marketing services

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